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par CRESO SÁ | 12 JAN 24

A recent decision to deny a Chinese student’s visa to complete his PhD in Canada is raising questions about presuming motivations.

par CRESO SÁ | 28 NOV 23

By calling on student groups to withdraw certain controversial statements, the minister of colleges and universities is demonstrating that the policy was and is a hollow gesture.

par CRESO SÁ | 18 AVRIL 23

Questions around Stanford U president Marc Tessier-Lavigne’s research represent a case in point.

par CRESO SÁ | 19 JAN 23

The Advisory Panel on the Federal Research Support System continues a ritualistic cycle of reviews and reports into Canada’s scientific support infrastructure.

par CRESO SÁ | 20 JUILLET 22

Why is the federal government still throwing money and resources at this project?

par CRESO SÁ | 29 MAR 22

If the vaunted features of science that are used rhetorically to promote and justify its status as an aid to international affairs are truly valued, it would be precisely in the most trying circumstances that science diplomacy should remain a viable alternative.


Institutional mobility is key for women to move up in the academic leadership and prestige ladders.

par CRESO SÁ | 08 OCT 21

We need to put aside our preconceived notions about how universities should be run, to better assess where we need to make improvements.

par CRESO SÁ | 14 JUIN 21

As it was not tasked with offering recommendations, the report’s conclusions are understandably generic and understated.

par CRESO SÁ | 09 AVRIL 21

Virtual formats can’t replace face-to-face interactions, but will entrepreneurship programs use the past year to be, in true entrepreneurial fashion, innovative?

par CRESO SÁ | 01 FEV 21

As the 2021 federal budget looms, the time of “made-in-Canada Silicon Valleys” has passed.

par CRESO SÁ | 22 SEP 20

A closer look at the four recommendations from Ontario’s expert panel on intellectual property, created to assess the commercialization activities of higher-education institutions.

par CRESO SÁ | 05 JUIN 20

COVID-19 has caused the academic community to be very reactionary, but research is fundamentally a long-term process.

par CRESO SÁ | 17 AVRIL 20

Major crises provide windows of opportunity for change.

par CRESO SÁ | 02 MAR 20

Despite a widespread media narrative claiming students would be flocking to Canada, universities did not see a “Trump bump.”


More funds for science in recent decades has meant more political pressure on research councils to showcase impact and demonstrate relevance.

par CRESO SÁ | 06 DÉC 19

The Liberals claim that “science is at the centre of everything the government does” – yet all we have seen and heard are symbolic gestures and feel-good rhetoric.

par CRESO SÁ | 21 OCT 19

Clusters are often described as prioritizing interdisciplinary collaboration, but that comes with its own unique set of challenges.

par CRESO SÁ | 12 SEP 19

The poor rate of innovation among Canadian firms relates to factors well beyond the scope of research partnerships.

par CRESO SÁ | 08 JUILLET 19

In the long run, the status of the report as a relevant source for policy debate and advocacy hinges on which party wins the October federal election.

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