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Lessons learned from the presidential transition committee at the University of Saskatchewan.

In 2015, the University of Saskatchewan undertook an extensive Continue reading to welcome Peter Stoicheff to the role. As two individuals closely linked to this process, here are some lessons we learned that may be of value to colleagues undertaking a similar ...
From PhD to Life-FR
par MAREN WOOD | 28 novembre 2017

Kara Brisson-Boivin created a program at Carleton University that plants the seeds of career transition early in the PhD process by weaving it into the curriculum, as well as professional development training.

This is a guest post by Kara Brisson-Boivin, graduate student transitions mentor in the department of sociology and anthropology at Carleton University. We as grad students feel and work at our best when we have a sense of purpose, a plan in place, or a role to play. For many, the struc...
From PhD to Life-FR
par JENNIFER POLK | 21 juin 2016
In the three years I've worked as a career and life coach, and through the years of my own transition, I've learned lots about the process of changing careers. What fascinates me most are the thoughts and feelings that accompany such a shift. When I talk about transition with my clients and other...
From PhD to Life-FR
par JENNIFER POLK | 11 novembre 2014
Melissa Dalgleish is the research officer in the faculty of graduate studies and a PhD candidate in English at York University. She researches Canadian literature and graduate education, professionalization, and reform. When she’s not working on her dissertation, you can find her writing for <...
From PhD to Life-FR
par JENNIFER POLK | 14 juin 2016
Rebecca Dirnfeld joined Ryerson University’s career centre in September 2014, and acts as a career consultant in the faculty of science. Additionally, she offers guidance to students and graduates on the job hunt through social media and via her website, Graduates in Transition, providing stud...
par NATALIE SAMSON | 06 juin 2018

Colleges seeking university status aren’t just looking to change their institutions – they’re aiming to change what a university can be.

In the span of a week, the future of three Alberta colleges was set. On February 22, Minister of Advanced Education Marlin Schmidt announced that Continue reading (GPRC) had been approved for degree-granting status, with a view to becoming a unive...
From PhD to Life-FR
par JENNIFER POLK | 11 spetembre 2013
Maria Irchenhauser received her PhD in German literature from Queen's University. She now manages the German division of an international media company in London, UK. Find her online over at Continue reading and fol...
From PhD to Life-FR
par JENNIFER POLK | 31 mars 2016
Nathaniel Bean works at the Detroit Symphony Orchestra's Wu Family Academy of Learning & Engagement as their education librarian & program assistant. At the DSO, he is part of a team that manages a large youth orchestra program that serves nearly 450 metro Detroit youth. Nathaniel is in ...
From PhD to Life-FR
par JENNIFER POLK | 18 janvier 2017
Joseph Fruscione (PhD, English) contributed to the Transition Q & A series in December 2013 and August 2015. You can read his interviews Continue reading and Continue reading. After 15 years teaching literature and first-year writing in the Wa...
From PhD to Life-FR
par JENNIFER POLK | 27 juillet 2015
Kimberley Yates (PhD, English) contributed to the Transition Q & A series in March 2013. Read her interview Continue reading. She was then associate director of the
From PhD to Life-FR
par JENNIFER POLK | 17 août 2015
Joseph Fruscione (PhD, English) contributed to the Transition Q & A series in December 2013. You can read his interview Continue reading. He was then teaching first-year writing in George Washington's University writing program and beginning a post-ac...
Responsabilités potentielles
par KETAN MARBALLI | 27 spetembre 2021

A career education specialist shares how he rediscovered his strengths and was able to forge a new career path.

After over 12 years as a molecular biologist in academia, I felt frustrated by being unable to land a faculty position. When I did a thorough reflection, it became clear that my aspirations had changed and running my own research program was not something I enjoyed. It was time to switch careers. I ...
Parole aux leaders
par SHEILA COTE-MEEK | 22 novembre 2019

To get to know an institution, you need to understand its people, place and culture.

As I mentioned in my Continue reading, I recently made a move to Toronto to take up a new role at York University....
From PhD to Life-FR
par JENNIFER POLK | 15 janvier 2014
L. Maren Wood earned her PhD in history from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She runs her own consulting firm, Continue reading, which provides research support to institutions and professional development services for PhD job seekers. Fo...
From PhD to Life-FR
par JENNIFER POLK | 10 mai 2016
Lindy Ledohowski earned her PhD in English, focusing on contemporary Canadian literature and ethnic identity politics, at the University of Toronto, and did a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Ottawa; she serves on the board of trustees for the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, is a ...
From PhD to Life-FR
par JENNIFER POLK | 20 mars 2018
Lindy Ledohowski has a PhD in English, and is co-founder and CEO of Continue reading, an educational start-up company. She was previously a tenure-track professor of English at the University of Waterloo. Lindy wrote a Transition Q & A in May 2016. Read ...
From PhD to Life-FR
par MAREN WOOD | 19 juillet 2018

As pioneers in building careers that use their experience as scholars and teachers, former academics can show you what is possible.

This is a guest post by Anthony Cantor, PhD. Dr. Cantor earned a PhD in history from the University of Toronto, and is currently a knowledge ambassador and client support at EssayJack Inc. Follow him on Twitter @AnthonyCantorEJ and find him on
par ANQI SHEN | 29 mai 2019

Le comité mis sur pied par le Conseil des académies canadiennes est présidé par Elizabeth Cannon, ancienne rectrice de l’Université de Calgary.

Un groupe d’éminents spécialistes du milieu canadien de l’enseignement supérieur se réunira pour discuter d’une question toujours d’actualité : « Quels sont les principaux défis qui se posent aux doctorants au Canada qui font la transition vers le marché du travail et comment ces d...
À mon avis
par ANDIE BURAZIN | 19 juillet 2021

Getting students back to pre-COVID-19 standards will be a delicate act.

Since March of last year, postsecondary educators have significantly modified course delivery, rethought student assessments, found new ways to create a sense of community and offered new forms of accessibility for students, among other things. Students, meanwhile, had to invest considerable ener...
Conseils carrière
par DINUKA GUNARATNE | 15 janvier 2021

This has been a journey of resilience and making the best out of a weird situation.

Considering a career move can be both exhilarating and anxiety-inducing. Career transitions are exciting because they signal a new beginning and new opportunities. They can also stir up nerves because deciding on a move could drastically impact your future. In early March 2020 I left my former role ...
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